Vlad Manole


Vlad Manole is a Senior Economist in the Economics Program of The Conference Board. Before taking up his present position he has served as a consultant to the World Bank and the United Nations, working on a variety of international trade and migration issues. He wrote research and policy papers on the impact of tariffs on trade liberalization, developed models to analyze the effects of human and social capital on the patterns of migration, and analyzed the productivity of commercial banks in emerging markets. With The Conference Board, Dr. Manole focuses on analyzing productivity, economic growth and labor markets in Europe and the Middle East, and measuring intangible capital for European countries. He has also contributed to the development of the leading economic indicators for the Euro zone.

Dr. Manole received his PhD in Economics from Washington University, St. Louis, following an MA in Applied Mathematics from the University of Bucharest.

Publications by Vlad Manole

Economics Program Working Paper Series Key Findings Publication Research Report