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  • About the Author: Off the Shelf Podcast

    Off the Shelf is a new book discussion podcast series brought to you by The Conference Board. Each 30-minute episode allows our listeners to hear directly from authors of recently released books that focus on timely and relevant topics related to business management, human capital strategy, finance, the economy, policy or governance.

14 Jun. 2021 | Comments (0)
John Hagel III on his new book 'The Journey Beyond Fear'
Join Rebecca Ray as she and business strategy expert John Hagel III break down his new book 'The Journey Beyond Fear'.  In this conversation, John dives in on how to identify your fears, face your fears, move beyond your fears and how these lessons can apply to organizations and careers.  The pair also touch on the importance of cultivating your personal passions and harnessing the potential of platforms.

08 Jun. 2021 | Comments (0)
Curtis Odom on his book 'Things I Heard My Professor Say'
Join Dr. Curtis Odom as he discusses his new book, Things I Heard My Professor Say, and shares his 20 years of professional insights, lessons learned, and personal experiences about how to be a successful business leader.

01 Jun. 2021 | Comments (0)
John Pabon On His Book: Sustainability For the Rest of Us
John Pabon founder of Fulcrum Strategic Advisors, talks with Uwe Schulte, Leader of the TCB Global Sustainability Centre about his book Sustainability for the Rest of Us.

25 May. 2021 | Comments (0)
Nathan Ainspan and Kristin Saboe on their new book Military Veteran Employment: A Guide for the Data-Driven Leader
Join Rebecca Ray as she discusses this and more with Nathan Ainspan, Senior Research Psychologist with the Military-Civilian Transition Office at the Department of Defense and Kristin Saboe, Global Senior Manager for Organizational Research and Employee Listening at Boeing.  Their new book, Military Veteran Employment:  A Guide for the Data-Driven Leader draws on principles and research from industrial/organizational psychology and best practices from human resources management. 

07 May. 2021 | Comments (0)
Tendayi Viki on his latest book “Pirates In The Navy”
John Mestelaar, co-leader of Innovation Institute at The Conference Board interviews Tendayi Viki on his latest book “Pirates in the Navy”. Listen in as Tendayi gives us a taste of some the insights this book provides. Tendayi endeavors to arm innovators with practice tools and guidance to navigate the choppy water of corporate politics while successfully transforming their companies.

20 Apr. 2021 | Comments (0)
Colleen Ammerman and Boris Groysberg on their book, Glass Half-Broken: Shattering the Barriers That Still Hold Women Back at Work
Why does the gender gap still persist and how can we close it? Join Colleen Ammerman and Boris Groysberg as they discuss their new book and reveal the pervasive organizational obstacles and managerial actions that create gender imbalances – as well as important strategies both leaders and businesses can use to break these barriers down.

14 Apr. 2021 | Comments (0)
Beverly Kaye on her book, Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay
No matter where they lead employees—in large or small organizations; in Darwin, Denver, Dublin, or Dubai—managers have the same goal of engaging and retaining their best talent, especially with the high cost of voluntary turnover and tight labor markets for many skills. Join internationally renowned Dr. Beverly Kaye as she shares many of practical engagement strategies from her Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay, now in its sixth printing.

06 Apr. 2021 | Comments (0)
CB Bhattacharya on his new book, ‘Small Actions, Big Difference: Leveraging Corporate Sustainability to Drive Business and Societal Value'
Craig Carroll, leader of The Conference Board's Communications Institute, sits down for an engaging talk with Professor CB Bhattacharya, H.J. Zoffer Chair in Sustainability and Ethics, about his new book, 'Small Actions Big Difference: Leveraging Corporate Sustainability to Drive Business and Societal Value'. Professor Bhattacharya outlines how employees can take charge, the pathway to sustainable ownership, lessons learned from the pandemic, and driving business value.

23 Mar. 2021 | Comments (0)
Jeff Schwartz on his book, Work Disrupted
As we enter a new year that is sure to be filled with further disruptions, Jeff Schwartz’s new book Work Disrupted: Opportunity, Resilience, and Growth in the Accelerated Future of Work is essential reading for those looking to embrace these fast-paced changes as an opportunity to accelerate forward and flourish. 

16 Mar. 2021 | Comments (0)
Dr. Jake Beniflah on his new book, The Big Shift: Redefining Marketing in a Multicultural America
Join The Conference Board Chief Marketing Officer Chiqui Cartagena as she sits down with Dr. Jake Beniflah, Marketing & Communications Senior Fellow at The Conference Board and Executive Director of the Center for Multicultural Science, to discuss his new book which proposes that, in order to thrive, organizations must place multicultural consumers front and center of mainstream marketing and right size the traditional cultural silo.

09 Feb. 2021 | Comments (0)
Erich Joachimstaller on his book, The Interaction Field
How are the most successful businesses creating value and igniting smart growth in a fast-paced, competitive market? Join JP Kuehlwein, Marketing Institute Leader at The Conference Board, as he speaks with Erich Joachimsthaler about his new book, The Interaction Field: The Revolutionary New Way to Create Shared Value for Businesses, Customers, and Society, which explains why future success is not only based on creating value for your own organization, but also by creating value for society.

08 Feb. 2021 | Comments (0)
Erwan Rambourg on his book, Future Luxe
What are the major forces and emerging trends that are set to reshape luxury over the next decade? Join Erwan Rambourg as he sits down with our Marketing Institute Leader JP Kuehlwein to discuss his latest book, Future Luxe: What's Ahead for the Business of Luxury, which offers powerful guidance to those both new to the industry, as well as veterans planning for continued success.

01 Feb. 2021 | Comments (0)
Vikram Mansharamani on his book, Think for Yourself
Join Vikram Mansharamani discusses his new book, which offers an indispensable guide for those looking to restore self-reliant thinking in a data-driven and technology-dependent yet overwhelmingly uncertain world.

29 Jan. 2021 | Comments (0)
Karen Mangia on her book, Working from Home
Join Salesforce executive, Karen Mangia, as she discusses her new book, Working from Home, which provides guidance on how to create a work-from-home culture designed for success and helps team managers and business executives prepare their employees for future work.

28 Jan. 2021 | Comments (0)
Bruce Tulgan on his book, The Art of Being Indispensable at Work
Even amid the seeming chaos, there's always that indispensable go-to person who thrives on their many working relationships with people all over the organization chart. How do they do it? In this practical book, talent guru and bestselling author, Bruce Tulgan, reveals the secrets of the go-to person in our new world of work and shows how go-to people think and behave differently, building up their influence with others, regardless of whether they have the formal authority.

15 Jan. 2021 | Comments (0)
Simon Brown on his new co-authored book The Curious Advantage
Curiosity has profound implications for organizations, leaders and individuals inhabiting today’s digital reality. Pointing to practical tools and case examples, Simon Brown, one of the authors of The Curious Advantage and Chief Learning Officer at Novartis, makes the case for how curiosity can be the greatest driver of value in the new digital economy.

14 Jan. 2021 | Comments (0)
Shannon Huffman Polson on her book, The Grit Factor
What does it take for women to succeed in a male-dominated world? As one of the Army's first female attack helicopter pilots, Shannon Huffman Polson shares her own life lessons, as well as the candid stories of several other elite military women, to energize and enlighten current and aspiring leaders everywhere — whether male or female.

11 Dec. 2020 | Comments (0)
Olivier Onghena on his book 'The Book of Noble Purpose'
In this podcast Demet Tunc, Council Director at The Conference Board interviews Olivier Onghena on his book 'The Book of Noble Purpose'. Together they explore how bringing noble purpose into our lives, our enterprises, and the society we live in will alter things for the better.

27 Oct. 2020 | Comments (0)
Kate Lanz on her new book ‘All the Brains in the Business’
Properly valuing brain gender diversity in the workplace is a competitive advantage. In ‘All the Brains in the Business’ Kate Lanz explores how the brain works and how it impacts the performance of individuals and the teams. Moderated by Demet Tunc, this podcast highlights the importance of knowing about how to enable conditions that create optimal energy flow in the brain.

06 Oct. 2020 | Comments (0)
Off the Shelf - David Smith and Brad Johnson on their book, Good Guys
What's missing from gender equality efforts? Men. David G. Smith and W. Brad Johnson discuss their important, new book which explores the critical role men can play in promoting gender equality at work

30 Sep. 2020 | Comments (0)
Off the Shelf - Mauro Guillen on his book, 2030: How Today's Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything
The world is drastically changing. So how can businesses prepare for what comes next? In his new book, Wharton Professor Mauro Guillen encourages us to consider the dynamic inter-play between a range of forces that will converge on a single tipping point -- 2030, and offers a guide to help revolutionize the way we think about cataclysmic change and its consequences.

24 Sep. 2020 | Comments (0)
Off the Shelf - Scott Anthony on his latest book, Eat, Sleep, Innovate
Join innovation expert and co-author, Scott Anthony, to discuss his latest book, which offers a new guide for using the power of habit to build a culture of innovation.

10 Sep. 2020 | Comments (0)
Mark Goyder on his new book, Entrusted
Join Chris Gentle talking to Mark Goyder, founder of Tomorrow’s Company, about his new book Entrusted. In these volatile and uncertain times, the book captures how we can build better stewardship in companies. The discussion offers some fascinating and practical insights on shifting away from extractive capitalism towards a new era of responsible wealth creation from around the globe.

08 Sep. 2020 | Comments (0)
Mark Cushing on his new book, Pet Nation
Mark Cushing, founder and CEO of the Animal Policy Group, talks with our Marketing Institute Leader, JP Kuehlwein, about his new book, which reveals how pets – and their owners – are transforming the American culture, economy and nation.

11 Aug. 2020 | Comments (0)
Ken Rusk on his latest book, Blue Collar Cash
Ken Rusk, ‘Million Dollar Ditch Digger’ and author of Blue Collar Cash”, joins Marketing Institute Leader, JP Kuehlwein, to discuss his latest book, which demonstrates that blue-collar trades can be a source of pride and that you can find your version of happiness by pursuing a hands-on craft. The economy is in desperate need of skilled tradespeople and those who are willing to work hard can make good money. Learn how to achieve your dreams, regardless of your educational background or past.

05 Aug. 2020 | Comments (0)
Off The Shelf: Step Back: How to Bring the Art of Reflection into Your Busy Life
In this episode of Off The Shelf, Harvard Business Professor, Joseph L. Badaracco, discusses his latest book which argues that we don’t need long periods of solitude or tranquility to reflect well in ways that are useful, meaningful, and sometimes profound, and offers a new approach to self-reflection that better fits into a professional's busy life.

17 Jul. 2020 | Comments (0)
Former Hewlett Packard CEO, Carly Fiorina, on her new book, Find Your Way
Join Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of Hewlett Packard, as she discusses her new book which draws on her own remarkable journey, and empirical evidence accumulated over four decades in the workplace, to help her readers unleash their career potential.

10 Jul. 2020 | Comments (0)
Off The Shelf: The Technology Trap
Join Carl Benedikt Frey, Director of Future of Work at Oxford University, as he discusses his new book, The Technology Trap. Selected a Financial Times Best Books of the Year in 2019, this book offers a sweeping look at the history of technological progress and how it has radically shifted the distribution of economic and political power among society’s members.

04 Jun. 2020 | Comments (0)
William Pesek on his book “Japanization: What the world can learn from Japan’s lost decades”
At this stage of the COVID-19 crisis it looks like high debt levels, low interest rates and deflation are here to stay. Is the world economy heading towards a “Japanization” of their economies?

05 May. 2020 | Comments (0)
Off the Shelf: Ramping Your Brand
Join The Conference Board Marketing Institute Leader, JP Kuehlwein, as he talks with Dr. James Richardson, Founder of Premium Growth Solutions, about his new book, Ramping Your Brand. Discover a 4-Part approach to thinking smarter about growth as a consumer packaged goods (CPG) entrepreneur.

17 Apr. 2020 | Comments (0)
Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism
Join Nobel Prize winner Sir Angus Deaton, Senior Scholar and the Dwight D. Eisenhower Professor of Economics and International Affairs Emeritus at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, as he discusses his latest book which offers a groundbreaking account of how the flaws in capitalism are fatal for America's working class

08 Apr. 2020 | Comments (0)
Jim Stengel, Former Global Marketing Officer at P&G, on his new book, Unleashing the Innovators
Hear from Jim Stengel as he discusses his new book which describes the importance of corporations establishing partnerships with the startup world in order to learn how to better innovate.

08 Apr. 2020 | Comments (0)
Off the Shelf: Developing Management Proficiency During COVID-19
Strong behavioral competencies are essential for all managers today, especially during times of crisis. Join Deb Cohen as she discusses her latest book which provides managers at any level with a pragmatic, easy-to-follow roadmap to help develop management skills.

02 Apr. 2020 | Comments (0)
Alison Maitland on her new book INdivisible: Radically rethinking inclusion for sustainable business results
In this podcast, we interview Alison Maitland, one of the authors of a new book on inclusion that sets out an expansive vision for inclusion which can help build more human, purposeful and sustainable businesses. Even more, a holistic and systematic approach to inclusion has the potential to harness our “collective superpower” - a timely and powerful message amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

01 Apr. 2020 | Comments (0)
Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg on his book, What’s Your Problem?
Have you or your colleagues ever worked hard on something, only to find out you were focusing on the wrong problem entirely? Join author Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg as he discusses his new book which offers leaders a simple, three-step method - Frame, Reframe, Move Forward - that anyone can use to start solving the right problems in order to achieve greater business success.

11 Mar. 2020 | Comments (0)
Jack Duggal on his new book, The DNA of Strategy Execution
What if we could decode the elements of management and strategy-execution? Join Jack Duggal as he discusses his ground-breaking new book which offers new perspectives on age-old management challenges.

05 Mar. 2020 | Comments (0)
Dr. Max Mckeown on his new book, The Innovator’s Book: Rules for Rebels, Mavericks and Innovators
Anne Stevens, Council Director at the Conference Board talks with Dr. Max Mckeown on his newest book. Both enlightening and entertaining, Dr Max Mckeown delivers concise advice on how to move from original insights to new ideas, and from new ideas to valuable real-world innovation.

04 Mar. 2020 | Comments (0)
Byron Sharp on his new book, How Brands Grow
What are the most important “marketing laws” that brand owners need to know about and apply? Join our Marketing Institute Leader, JP Kuehlwein, as he sits down with branding expert, Dr. Byron Sharp, to discuss his new book, How Brands Grow: What Marketers Don’t Know, which offers his unique perspective on this question and many more.

26 Feb. 2020 | Comments (0)
George Friedman on his new book, "The Storm Before The Calm"
Join The Conference Board’s Executive Vice President and Chief Economist Bart van Ark as he interviews George Friedman, Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Futures, about his new book, The Storm Before The Calm. In his riveting new book, Friedman turns to the future of the United States. Examining the clear cycles through which the United States has developed, upheaved, matured, and solidified, Friedman breaks down the coming years and decades in thrilling detail.

17 Feb. 2020 | Comments (0)
Lars Sudmann on his new book, Innovation That Sticks
How do you innovate, how do you structure your organization, your team, your personal life? You need a detailed plan and everything laid out for the future! Really? Well, maybe not always. Maybe you need to operate also with the Spaghetti Principle. Discover how you can embrace this special principle and really make innovation stick.

22 Jan. 2020 | Comments (0)
Veronika Hucke on her new book, Fair Leadership
Sarah Bond, Council Director for The Diversity&Inclusion in Business Council at The Conference Board, interviews Veronika Hucke on her new book, Fair Leadership. The book is aimed at business leaders who are curious to know how they can lead fairly and inclusively. Grounded in well-researched data and theories, it is a much needed ‘how-to’ guide, full of recognizable challenges, practical examples and top tips for busy executives.

22 Jan. 2020 | Comments (0)
Alexia Michiels on her book, The Resilience Drive
Marion Devine, Senior Human Capital Researcher, Europe at The Conference Board interviews Alexia Michiels on her book, The Resilience Drive. The book offers among many things, 100 practical keys to reinforce your personal resilience, not only to bounce back faster when facing life challenges, but also to thrive and flourish.

15 Jan. 2020 | Comments (0)
Allen Adamson on his book, Shift Ahead
Allen Adamson discusses is book, Shift Ahead. The book talks about how organizations can avoid to become paralyzed by the accelerating pace of change in markets, customer needs, technologies and the business models they power. Or, as the sub-title says: “How the best companies stay relevant in a fast-changing world.”

08 Jan. 2020 | Comments (0)
Joseph Jaffe on his new book, Built to Suck
Joseph Jaffe is a thought-leader, speaker, author and ‘Admiral’ (= founder) of the “HMS Beagle” a consultancy that helps large corporations fight inertia and decay. Joseph argues in “Built To Suck” that the Big Corp Era is rapidly coming to an end driven by Size and Scale no longer being growth enablers but rather inhibitors.

18 Dec. 2019 | Comments (0)
Lindsey Pollak on her book, The Remix: How to Lead and Succeed in the Multi-Generational Workplace
Lindsey Pollak, a leading expert on the multigenerational workplace, speaks with us about her book The Remix and what leaders and organizations can do to move past stereotypes of different age groups and toward working together more effectively. Learn practical insights on the multigenerational workforce on topics such as leadership, communication, and mentoring.

11 Dec. 2019 | Comments (0)
Michael Beer on his latest book, Fit to Compete
Join Harvard Business School professor, Michael Beer, as he sits down with The Conference Board VP of US Councils and former VP of HR, Russell Morris, to explain why organizational silence has become the killer of many organizations. Discover a time-tested innovative process that has been used by hundreds of corporations for holding these honest conversations, critical to the future success of your business.

04 Dec. 2019 | Comments (0)
David Ulrich and Arthur Yeung on their new book, Reinventing the Organization
Hear from co-authors David Ulrich and Arthur Yeung as they describe why the traditional organizational hierarchy is dead and what replaces it. Discover a much-needed blueprint for reinventing your organization and learn how business leaders can build a new type of corporate structure that is much more responsive to fast-changing markets – and how they should lead it.

27 Nov. 2019 | Comments (0)
Bob Hoffman on his latest book, Laughing at Advertising
Join best-selling author and ad contrarian, Bob Hoffman, as he sits down with The Conference Board Marketing Institute Leader, JP Kuehlwein, to discuss his latest book, a collection of Bob’s most irresponsible and inappropriate blog posts, essays, and cave drawings. Hear his outspoken critique of what’s wrong in the advertising world and what he has to say about privacy, ageism, and social media.

20 Nov. 2019 | Comments (0)
Prof. Michael Hüther on his new book, Exhausted Globalization
Join Prof. Michael Hüther, director of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft, as he sits down with The Conference Board Senior Economist for Europe, Ilaria Maselli, to discuss his latest book, Exhausted Globalization: Between the Transatlantic Orientation and the Chinese Way.

20 Nov. 2019 | Comments (0)
Patrick Hanlon on his new book, Primal Branding
Join Patrick Hanlon, senior advertising executive and founder of Thinktopia, as he sits down with The Conference Board Marketing Institute Leader, JP Kuehlwein, to discuss his latest book which reveals seven definable assets that together construct the belief system that lies behind and differentiates every successful brand from those that are less effective – whether it's a product, service, city, personality, social cause, or movement.

18 Nov. 2019 | Comments (0)
Amy Jen Su on her new book, The Leader You Want To Be
Join Amy Jen Su as she discusses her new book which offers readers five essential principles for bringing out your best self every day. Learn how to tap into and expand your leadership capacity so that you can be your best, sustain yourself, and thrive as a leader.

29 Oct. 2019 | Comments (0)
Jennifer Brown on her new book, How To Be An Inclusive Leader
We know why diversity is important, but how do we drive real change at work? Join diversity & inclusion expert, Jennifer Brown, as she discusses her latest book which offers readers a step-by-step guide for the personal and emotional journey practitioners must undertake to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive – and what leaders at any level can do to spark real change.

28 Oct. 2019 | Comments (0)
Art Markman on his new book, Bring Your Brain to Work
Join The Conference Board Senior Vice President of HR, Jennifer Tarlow, as she interviews author, Dr. Art Markman, Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor at the University of Illinois and Executive Director of the IC2 Institute, on his new book which examines three essential elements of a successful career – getting a job, excelling at work, and finding your next position – and how cognitive science sheds light on these three aspects.

10 Oct. 2019 | Comments (0)
Mike Mister on his new book, How to Lead Smart People: Leadership for Professionals
In this podcast, Mike talks core and soft leadership skills and offers advice on how to look after yourself as a team leader, how to build resilience in tough situations, but also how to develop creativity and extend your skill base so that you are constantly learning.

09 Oct. 2019 | Comments (0)
Esther Stanhope on her new book, Goodbye Glossophobia
In this podcast, Esther shares tips to stand in the spotlight and speak confidently in front of audiences, from meetings and pitches to conferences and job interviews.

18 Sep. 2019 | Comments (0)
Stephen Frost on his book, Building An Inclusive Organisation
Join Sarah Bond, Council Director of the European Diversity & Inclusion in Business Council, as she interviews Stephen Frost on his book, Building An Inclusive Organisation

04 Sep. 2019 | Comments (0)
Anthony Mayo and Laura Morgan Roberts on Race, Work and Leadership
Race, Work, and Leadership is a rare and important compilation of essays that examines how race matters in people's experience of work and leadership. Join two of the book’s co-editors as they share insights from this indispensable reference for anyone committed to understanding, studying, and acting on the challenges facing leaders who are building inclusive organizations

05 Aug. 2019 | Comments (0)
Julian Guthrie on the women who took on Silicon Valley and built today’s most powerful businesses
Join Julian Guthrie as she discusses her new book, Alpha Girls, which delves into the unforgettable stories of four remarkable women who became stars in the high-stakes, male-dominated world of venture capital in Silicon Valley.

18 Jul. 2019 | Comments (0)
Nick Morgan on How to Connect with People in a Virtual World
Join communication expert Nick Morgan as he discusses his new book, Can You Hear Me?: How to Connect with People in a Virtual World, which outlines five big problems with virtual communication and offers entrepreneurs, business professionals, and managers a clear path forward for helping us connect better with others in a more virtual world.

11 Jun. 2019 | Comments (0)
Ron Williams,
Join Ron Williams, former chairman, president and CEO of Aetna Inc., as he sits down with Dr. Rebecca Ray, Executive Vice President of Human Capital at The Conference Board, to discuss his recent book, Learning to Lead: The Journey to Leading Yourself, Leading Others, and Leading an Organization, which helps future business leaders develop the professional management qualities needed to deliver personal, interpersonal, and organizational success.

11 Jun. 2019 | Comments (0)
Bluford Putnum on his book, Economics Gone Astray
Join host and Senior Economist at The Conference Board, Ilaria Maselli, for an interview with Bluford Putnam, author and Chief Economist of the CME Group, as he discusses his latest book, Economics Gone Astray, which explores critical topics in macroeconomics that help readers to better analyze market behavior and the economic consequences of policy decisions.

22 May. 2019 | Comments (0)
Annie McKee on her latest book, How to Be Happy at Work
Should we expect to be happy and fulfilled at work? In her latest book, Annie McKee makes the most compelling case yet that happiness--and the full engagement that comes with it--is more important than ever in today's workplace. Join host, Rebecca Ray, Ph.D., Executive VP of Human Capital at The Conference Board, as she sits down with Annie to discuss her new book and shed light on the powerful relationship of happiness to individual, team, and organizational success.

22 Mar. 2019 | Comments (0)
Kathryn Sollmann on Building an Alternative Career Development Plan for Women
Join Kathryn Sollmann as she discusses her latest book, Ambition Redefined, which provides readers with an alternative career development strategy for women who want a fulfilling, lucrative career but do not want to climb the traditional corporate ladder.

22 Mar. 2019 | Comments (0)
Joe Cohen and Judith Harrison discuss Diverse Voices: Lessons in Leadership
Join Joe Cohen and Judith Harrison as they discuss Diverse Voices: Profiles in Leadership. Designed to help corporate communication and PR professionals understand the challenges faced by minorities in the field, Diverse Voices provides readers with a comprehensive catalogue of multi-cultural leadership profiles.

22 Mar. 2019 | Comments (0)
John Gaddis discusses leadership lessons and his book, On Grand Strategy
Join John Lewis Gaddis as he discusses his latest book, On Grand Strategy, which explores the art of leadership by focusing on the lessons learned from great historical leaders spanning from Herodotus to Franklin Roosevelt.

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