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Cybersecurity Working Group

Cyber-attacks emerge, evolve and shift in real-time, creating a complex risk environment that corporate stakeholders are struggling to respond to. Some cybersecurity experts opine that while the nature of cybersecurity risk is - to a certain extent - unique relative to other enterprise risk elements (i.e., it is an active risk that is being directed and manipulated by adverse parties), it needs to be put into the context of how all risks are managed and shouldn’t be treated differently from a governance perspective. Others believe that while cybersecurity risk needs to integrate into the overall governance risk framework, its unique nature requires a unique board governance oversight approach.

The mission of the Governance Center Cybersecurity Working Group is to explore these divergent viewpoints, as well as to suggest effective governance practices that address the question: How can directors and C-suite executives carry out their cybersecurity risk oversight responsibilities effectively to carry out their fiduciary duties, govern this complex risk environment and address the changing expectations of institutional investors and other external stakeholders?

In collaboration with Deloitte, we will share learnings and provide practical guidance that will help internal corporate stakeholders (including directors and C-suite executives) understand cybersecurity risks and encounter oversight challenges.

Related Research and Writings

On Governance: Government Relations Expanding Role in Cybersecurity Risk
September 2018 | Bob Zukis, Senior Fellow, Corporate Governance, The Conference Board
Cybersecurity governance and the broader issues around digital governance are emergent competencies in the corporate boardroom. Being proactive and building a coordinated enterprise approach to these issues is a good starting point and GR has a key role to play.

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CEO Challenge 2017: Leading through Risk, Disruption, and Transformation—US Report
April 2017 | Key Business Issues
In this year’s survey, respondents in the United States are heavily focused on talent issues, including developing the next generation of leaders for the digital age, as well as cybersecurity, employee healthcare, corporate tax reform, the growth of terrorism, and the possibility of global recession..

Emerging Practices in Cyber Risk Governance
October 2015 | Key Business Issues
This report explores the lessons of the massive cyber hacks of Target, JP Morgan Chase, Anthem, and Sony and outlines best practices for proactive cyber risk governance.

Emerging Practices in Cyber Risk Governance (CEO Strategic Implications)
October 2015 | Key Business Issues
Is your company at risk for a cyber security breach? This report explores the impact of hacks of Target, Sony, JP Morgan, and Anthem and makes recommendations for better cyber risk governance.

Reframing the Issue: New Ways to Think about Cyber Risk and Security
December 2013 | Council Perspectives
Cyber risk is just one of many operational risks, and, from a business viewpoint, mitigation of cyber risk should focus on fundamental risk management, corporate resilience, and managing human behavior.

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Insight Minute- Emerging Practices in Cyber Risk Governance

Andrea Bonime-Blanc
Emerging Practices in Cyber Risk Governance

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