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CED/Public Policy Publications


  1. Public Policy Center Newsletter - May 2019

    May 2019 | Newsletter

    CED's latest op-ed, co-authored by its Money in Politics Subcommittee Co-Chairs: Ronald Klein, Robert Kueppers, Nathan Rosenberg, and Jane Sherburne was published in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. It warns of the significant challenges facing the 2020 Census. The report also urges Congress to ensure that the Census Bureau has adequate leadership, funding, and staffing to generate an accurate count.

  2. Filling the Pipeline: Advancing More Women into the C-suite and on Corporate Boards

    April 2019 | Committee for Economic Development

    Why have we not seen significant results from diversity and inclusion programs geared toward women? Why are we not seeing more representation in the C-suite and senior leadership roles?

  3. Improving Noncollege Pathways to Skills and Successful Careers

    April 2019 | Committee for Economic Development

    This report looks at three tools to better serve students whose initial entry into the workforce will not necessarily include a traditional college degree.

  4. Responsible Digital: Extending Ethical Business Principles to Digitalization

    April 2019 | Executive Action Report

    Technological change can be transformative and prove to be a force for good – are you ensuring the benefits are shared with everyone and not just a few?

  5. Public Policy Center Newsletter - March 2019

    March 2019 | Newsletter

    Refundable tax credits linked to early learning credentials or higher levels of education can help ensure that there is both an incentive to attain higher competencies and education and that such efforts are rewarded


  1. Public Policy Center Newsletter - October 2018

    October 2018 | Newsletter

    With young Americans increasingly viewing healthcare as a right—and older ones rapidly entering retirement—leaders need to look for solutions focused on accessibility and cost-efficiency

  2. Public Policy Center Newsletter - September 2018

    September 2018 | Newsletter

    Skilled workers seeking to reenter the workforce need support adapting to the dramatic changes in technology, laws, regulations, and even software that have transformed many jobs

  3. Public Policy Center Newsletter - August 2018

    August 2018 | Newsletter

    Trade aid should be targeted at workers—not their (lost) jobs

  4. Public Policy Center Newsletter - July 2018

    July 2018 | Newsletter

    Uncovering the real drivers of federal deficits and the national debt

  5. Driving Digital Transformation: What's the Role of HR? Implications for Asia

    June 2018 | Key Business Issues

    Through interviews of experts in Asia, this short report explores the implications for the region of recent research on digital transformation and human capital, including: 1) the new ways HR is expected to deliver business value and 2) the knowledge, capabilities, and skills that HR leaders need to be effective in the digital age.