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Members of The Conference Board gain access to our global experts who provide insights and perspectives informed by our nonpartisan, data-driven research and international network of executives. Briefings are exclusive to members and provide senior executives and their team with a deep dive into a topic area with our experts, providing a forum for questions and in-depth discussion. Explore our ever-growing portfolio of briefings below.

Innovation and Digital Transformation
Expert Briefings

Using TCB Economic Data Tools

The Conference Board is a major producer of data that can be used for a variety of applications from labor markets to productivity and supply chains. 

Rethinking Innovation Spending: What the Data on Intangible Investment Reveals

Where to look for “missing” spending and how to make a more holistic assessment of overall innovation spending.

Measuring Intangible Assets to Drive Innovation

Explore how the rise of intangible assets are affecting business, economy and society in dramatic ways. What are the implications for companies’ innovation strategies and the future financial accounting?

Innovation Culture and Brand: Measuring Intangibles That Drive Financial Outcomes

Companies with a strong culture of innovation are viewed more favorably and seen as having greater investment potential, among other favorable outcomes.

Consolidation of Global Value Chains and their Implications for Jobs and Productivity

As value chains become shorter and more output is sourced locally, new jobs have been created in the manufacturing sector.

Leadership in Today's VUCA World: What's Required?

Today’s fast-changing, fast-paced, or “VUCA” world (for volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) requires a new kind of leader. 

Learning from Failure: How to Embrace It Toward Personal and Organizational Growth

We're conditioned by society, from the time that we are schoolchildren, to celebrate success and scorn failure. 

Achieving Ambidextrous Leadership: Driving 'Perform & Transform' Innovation for Step-Changed Business Results

Ambidexterity conveys the two-handed finesse to successfully take on a task with deft touch and wise judgment to deliver a smooth solution. 

Our Experts


John Metselaar

Program Director and Senior Fellow
The Conference Board


Rita Shor

Program Director, Product & Services Development Council, Co-Program Director, Innovation Leadership Council, and Applied Innovation Council
The Conference Board


Charles Popper

Co-Program Director, CIO Business Council
The Conference Board

Hao, Janet_cropped.jpg

Xiaohui (Janet) Hao, PhD

Senior Economist
The Conference Board


Ataman Ozyildirim, PhD

Director, Economic Research, and Global Research Chair
The Conference Board


Bart van Ark

Outgoing Chief Economist; Program Director, CFO: Fortune 250 Council
The Conference Board


Anne Greer

Program Director, Market Insights Council; Co-Program Director, Innovation Leadership Council, and Applied Innovation Council
The Conference Board


Carol Corrado

Senior Advisor and Research Director, Economics Program
The Conference Board

james gregory_web.jpg

Dr. James Gregory

Senior Fellow
The Conference Board

Velu, Chandler.jpg

Chander Velu

Senior Fellow
The Conference Board